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Welcome to Junior Achievement of West Virginia!

Junior Achievement of West Virginia’s purpose is to provide every student in our area a fundamental understanding of business and economics. Teaching our youth workforce skills is an exciting opportunity for kids, parents, educators and business professionals. We are poised to help students explore their potential and engage them in discovering and developing their talents and interests. All 350,000+ kids in WV and Eastern KY, and hundreds of millions worldwide, will get involved in business at some time in their lives, but very few are prepared.

We are able to make this FREE service available to ALL WV students by using professional business people as our volunteers. We train our volunteers and provide a specifically designed kit for each grade level. Our volunteers make 5 to 6 scheduled classroom visits of approximately one hour. Each volunteer brings their own unique background and business experience in a structured program format which provides an extremely high level of interaction with students as well as providing students with a role model from their own community and many times from their own school, who has succeeded in the business world or who has or is now attending a higher learning institution. Businesses which encourage their employees to volunteer for JA provide a lasting community service which takes less than six hours of their employee’s time.

Where else can your business receive such an immediate and long lasting return on your investment of 6 hours per child? When kids drop out of school or become involved with the legal or welfare system, it costs a great deal more than 6 hours per student to obtain a positive response.